collage based on a movement of the Suite in A by Jean-Philippe Rameau


Preferably play Jean-Philippe Rameau’s La Triomphante followed by K. Mařatka’s La T-riomphante

Duration: 2’

Commissioned by Musique Nouvelle en Liberté

Premiere: Alexandre Tharaud (piano), festival Octobre en Normandie, 2001

Unpublished score.


Extract from the score:

Notes on the work:

La T-riomphante, a burlesque and virtuoso movement, is directly inspired by Jean-Philippe Rameau’s La Triomphante, making use of its full musical material. It is a collage composed of multiple fragments of the facsimile of the first edition of the work from 1728. Thus the piece is unfolding on the edge of the grotesque, similar to a mosaic of composition processes: inversion, repetition, change of key and signature, shifting and transposition.