trio for flute in G, violin and violoncello


Duration: 8’

Commissioned by the Sophia Antipolis Foundation

Premiere: Saskia Lethiec (violin), François Salque (violoncello) and Jean Ferrandis (flute), 1996

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Calliopée Ensemble: Cécile Daroux, flute / Pierre-Olivier Queyras, violin / Véronique Marin, cello

Extract from the score:

Notes on the work:

Inspired indirectly by the sounds of nature, this work glides gently on enigmatic resonances suggesting arboreal and secular atmospheres, avoiding all simplistic naturalism. The instrumentation includes three instruments: a flute in G, a violin and a violoncello, each representing a voice, free and independent, but complementary and essential to the whole. The work is made up of seventeen linked parts where chromaticism and micro-intervals mingle, creating a multitude of timbres and varied colours.