future and exotic tales for piano


Duration: 12’

Commisionned by the Spannungen Festival (Germany)

Premiere: Lars Vogt (piano), Spannungen Festival (Germany), June 2013

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Extract from the score:

Notes sur l’oeuvre :

Through the enrichment of the piano sound (see below), the piece Onyrik evokes the atmosphere of an elsewhere, a distant and elusive world that we approach but for a few ephemeral moments. The score is composed of highly contrasted passages: they are stories, immersed in each other, with different returns and variations. Despite their virtuosity - not only in their velocity and rhythm, but also in the treatment of the sound quality of the piano - these passages, thanks to harmonies in micro-intervals, form a dreamlike universe with fading and vaporous colours.

The work is written for a piano “finely de-tempered” with the help of eight small magnetic marbles placed simply and in a few seconds on the indicated strings. The transformation of the sound is striking. The magnetic marble changes the oscillation of the string and also vibrates itself. The sound result is the fundamental note with harmonics in micro-intervals combined with the strike of the piano’s hammer against the metal string. This sound is close to that of a carillon and the combination of notes of the piano’s natural chromatic system with the vibrations of the “foreign” magnetic marbles creates harmonies totally atypical for the piano, suggesting rather the exotic universes of the micro-intervals harmonic systems.