DRUHOPISY (Paraphrases)

Atelier of Folk Music Instruments from the Czech lands for chamber orchestra


Duration: 20’

Commissioned by the Musique Nouvelle en Liberté Association – Paris

Instrumentation: flute 1 (flute), flute 2 (flute, also piccolo), oboe 1 (also flute), oboe 2 (also flute), clarinet 1 in B flat, Clarinet 2 in B flat, bassoon 1, bassoon 2 (also kazoo), Horn 1 in F, Horn 2 in F (also kazoo), percussion (2 musicians), violin I (6 instruments), violin II (6 instruments), violas (5 instruments), violoncellos (4 instruments), double basses (3 instruments)

Percussions in detail: 2 cow bells (alt., tenor app. 20cm, 25cm - to be shaken, unfixed), wood blocks (4 heights), tam-tam (small), snare drum, wood chimes, washboard (2 metal sticks: on large, on small), metal chimes, tambourine, rattlesnake, jingle bells

Premiere: Orchester Colonne, Kryštof Mařatka - conductor, November 2013, Salle Gaveau – Paris

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Orchestre Colonne Paris / Kryštof Mařatka, conductor

Extract from the score:


Notes on the work:

Druhopisy (freely translated from Czech as Paraphrases) presents itself as an orchestral fresco in one movement drawing inspiration from the world of traditional instruments of Czech folk music, such as: gajdy, šalamajky, okarína, koncovka, dvojačka, fujarka, vábničky, flašinet, trumšajt, skřipky, vochlebky, husle, basa, niněra, grumle, Plochperment, kobza, bzučák, klapotka, ferule, řehtačky, zvonky, fanfrňoch, trouby, rohy, vozembouch...