BÁCHORKY (Pastoral Fables)

for viola, clarinet, piano and Czech and Moravian folk instruments


Duration: 15’

Instrumentation: 1 viola, 1 B flat clarinet, 1 grand piano, 1 musician playing Czech and Moravian folk instruments from Kryštof Mařatka’s private collection: bezovák, kamzičí roh, hadrářská píštalka, nosová flétna, pastýřská trouba, kostěná flétna , koncovka in A

The work is written in such a way that the musician playing traditional instruments can also play the piano part with his left hand. In this case, the quartet becomes a trio.

Waiting to be premiered.

Unpublished score.

Extact from the score:

Notes on the work:

On the one hand in the lineage of the composer’s other works inspired by the world of folk music, on the other hand totally escaping the principles of musical practice due to the use of original and almost unobtainable instruments - played by very little people, apart from the composer himself and a few rare initiates - Báchorky (Pastoral Fables) is a piece composed as a series of paintings, each one highlighting one of the traditional Czech and Moravian instruments, in complicity with the other instruments.

The musical language of the piece draws on the specificities of each instrument and tries to evoke the atmospheres of the musical environments in which they naturally subsist.